Plus Haut Encore Plus Haut



Nineteen suitcases are on the stage. Around

them children sit, parents stand and passers-by look on.

In the middle stands a man, Paul. Acrobat and storryteller, here to take us on a journey.

With his luggage he makes for us a spectacular dance.

A cute little bear arrives on the scene, Teddy.

He was hidden in one of the suitcases. Teddy becomes Paul’s travel companion. Together

they discover the world, together they create their own adventure. Suitcases become horses, and

suitcases become motorcycles or a boat. One moment they parade like proud soldiers, the other they are

pirates lost at sea.

Their fortress comes under attack, they stand their ground but are defeated nonetheless.

One more, one last adventure!

Paul builds a tower, a real one. He needs help, who volunteers?

Together with the audience he makes sure it doesn’t fall over.

Up he goes!

Higher, even higher!


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